Martha Stewart Clean

2012 CPRS ACE Award Winning Campaign

Program Overview:
Hain Celestial Canada, a leading natural and organic food and personal care products company wanted to create awareness for a new line they acquired: Martha Stewart Clean. A line of all-natural, plant and mineral based household cleaning products, with no fragrances or colours. With a limited advertising budget, and a strong brand name to support, a PR campaign was developed to create awareness for the new line, with a focus to earn product mentions in select national women’s interest and lifestyle publications, with an emphasis on home décor and living.

The full product line-up was packaged in an environmentally friendly bag, along with a press release, product fact sheet, and a green fact sheet on a disk. In keeping with the environmental essence of the product line, no paper was distributed. Press kits and samples were personally delivered in the Toronto area to major publications with a National focus. The campaign was dropped in September of 2010 with the goal of earning long-lead media pick-up in 2011 (timing with Spring Clean, Earth Day and Home Management features).



Martha Stewart Clean


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Research & Implementation:
Extensive research was conducted by the client in terms of the dynamics of natural cleaning product category, and the green consumer, which will be shared in greater detail in the full submission. A lot of this research indicated that the power of the Martha Stewart brand would fare well in Canada as it did in the U.S.

From a PR perspective, secondary research was implemented by reviewing the media outlets the client wanted to target, to ensure Martha Stewart products were supported in Canada.  Many mentions of other Martha Stewart products such as paint, bedding, closet organization and crafts were found. Further research was conducted to get a sense for not only journalist reaction to green products, but the consumer as well, so that messages could be crafted accordingly.


The green consumer in Canada exhibits similar traits as the one in the U.S. Some green consumers may over-exaggerate their commitment. It was revealed that more and more consumers (not necessarily core green) are willing to try green products if the price is right, and if they work! The creation and sales of Martha branded products were on the rise and everyone agreed that some PR might be the most effective tool for getting Martha’s green story and commitment to the environment out into the Canadian market. We also learnt that Martha Stewart practices green at home and that’s why she turned her time honoured cleaning solutions into easy to access formulas, at a competitive price point.


  • Create awareness for Martha Stewart Clean household products by earning product mentions in editorial (aim for a product shot, and/or brand logo in each mention)
  • Use PR to change perceptions of “green” products, highlighting efficacy of Martha Stewart Clean products and thus encourage trial
  • Aim for an ROI of at least 3 times of cost of the campaign based on ad value, with impressions of at least 10 million

Strategy & Tactics:

  • Target long-lead media (mainly women’s and lifestyle magazines) with a personally delivered eco bag full of Martha Stewart Clean products, product information, green fact sheet, and news release on disk (no paper was distributed in keeping in keeping with the green theme)
  • Aim for product placement/mentions in new product pages/columns
  • Follow-up with media relations (aim for mentions around Spring Clean, Earth Day and General Household Cleaning opportunities as per editorial calendar)


  1. Canadian Media:
  • National Consumer Magazines (LONG LEAD):

      Women’s Lifestyle (with focus on Home Décor/Lifestyle)

  • National Newspapers (SHORT LEAD):

      Lifestyle sections (target spring clean, earth day)

2. Audiences of above media:

  • Women (25 – 49)

3. Martha Stewart Consumer (Primary)

  • Women (25 – 54)
  • Active “green” and “organic”

      Secondary Target: Thinking about being more environmentally conscious; willing to try “green” products; medium to heavy users of household cleaners

     Tertiary Target: Martha Stewart devotees

Key Messages:

  • Introduce Martha Stewart Clean – brand new line now in Canada
  • Drive home key product attributes: natural, green, fragrance-free, plant and mineral based, allergen free, efficacy, sustainable packaging, recognized by Design for Environment (DfE)
  • Educate on each individual product in line (10 products in all) via product fact sheet
  • Educate on environmental best practices via green fact sheet

Budget, Constraints & Challenges:
Considering there was little advertising support to aid the launch of this product line, a lot was riding on PR to secure national earned media coverage. There was also the initial questioning of Martha as a “green” crusader, but this was resolved by pointing out some of Martha’s show clippings and excerpts from her Homekeeping Handbook, where she provides tips for cleaning naturally. A huge challenge was Martha’s schedule, and she was not able to come to Toronto for a media event, so we had to be extra creative in our media relations approach!

Evaluation & Results:
Due to the client’s request, MRP was not used in favour of AVE (ad value evaluation). All clippings were measured against the following objectives:

  1. Create awareness for Martha Stewart Clean household products by earning product mentions in editorial (aim for a product shot, and/or brand logo in each mention)
    • The goal was to get mentions in national women’s interest and lifestyle magazines with a focus on home – this was accomplished with earned media in top tier magazines like Style at Home, Canadian Living, House & Home, and Allergic Living!
    • A majority of the editorial earned, featured the entire product line-up!
    • A variety of products were featured, giving the line great exposure

2. Use PR to change perceptions of “green” products, highlighting efficacy of Martha Stewart Clean products and thus encourage trial

    • All editorial picked up key messages of green/natural, efficacy and of course Martha.
    • Many outlets wrote key messages verbatim from news release.

3. Aim for an ROI of at least 3 times on cost of the campaign, with impressions of at least 10 million.

    • ROI was 4 times  (above goal of 3), and 12 times based on AVE value!
    • Impressions were 11,459,015, well above goal of 10 million!

Watch Martha demonstrate Martha Stewart Clean:

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